Astral Bestiary

by Gutvoid

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2019 EP from Toronto death metal band Gutvoid.


released October 28, 2019

D. Bonofiglio - rhythm and bass guitars
B. Dean - vocals, rhythm and lead guitars

All music written by D. Bonofiglio and B. Dean
Guitars and leads recorded at Mount Wexler Studio
Guitars and bass recorded at Den of Deng Studio
Vocals recorded with Graham Wright at The Loft
Mixed and mastered by B. Dean at Mount Wexler Studio
Cover art by CarsonDrewIt
Logo by Malorium Designs


all rights reserved



Gutvoid Toronto, Ontario

Death metal from Toronto, Canada

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Track Name: They Came Dripping From The Stars
We scrawled into the earth
Those ancient rites
Symbols and diagrams
Learned from forbidden texts

Lines of chalk and ash
Surround our covenant
And on the wall in blood
Constellations from beyond

They came dripping from the stars
Madness within form
A conjuration from beyond
Astral bestiary

In darkness we begin
By candlelight we read
A rising choir of voices
Bent on summoning

As we recite in tongues
A light begins to shine
Appearing from above
Misshapen gods arrive

They came dripping from the stars
Madness within form
A conjuration from beyond
Astral bestiary
They came dripping from the stars
Breaking from the void
Drawn into our world
Enslave humanity

In awe we stare
At what comes before us
A glimpse of the abyss
Of that which should not be

Continuing the rites
Not faltering in our cause
The swirling mass of beings
Distorting the mind

Tyrants of insanity
Rulers of old
We offer ourselves to you
The first sacrifice of this realm

Take us, your Eucharist
May we feed your will
Let us merge
Into your formlessness
Track Name: Entranced By A Frozen Dawn
What worlds I have come to know
What realities I have seen!
Things that lurk beyond the mind
Have revealed themselves to me

Years of studying those tomes
Where apocryphal rites inscribed
I learned of certain spells
Of a power unearthed to me

I travelled outside our limits
Explored planets divine
Heard the choirs that primed all movement
On other worlds watched eons pass by

Where to draw the line
When truth lay in madness
What would hold you back
When standing at the precipice,
Entranced by a frozen dawn

Withering husk
Useless shell
Why remain
Tethered to this realm?

I have given myself
Received this change
Touched the void
Answered the call

I move beyond
Transposed in form
Become anew
Embrace my dawn

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